crowd1 W2S2 [kraud] n
a large group of people who have gathered together to do something, for example to watch something or protest about something
crowd of
a crowd of angry protesters
a crowd of 30,000 spectators
There were crowds of shoppers in the street.
A vast crowd gathered in the main square.
She mingled with the crowd of guests, exchanging greetings.
Saturday's game was watched by a capacity crowd (=the maximum number of people that a sports ground etc can hold) .
Troops fired tear gas and shots to disperse a crowd of 15,000 demonstrators.
2.) [singular] informal
a group of people who know each other, work together etc
I didn't know him; he wasn't one of the usual crowd.
3.) the crowd
ordinary people, not unusual in any way
You have to do things exceptionally well to stand out from the crowd (=be different from ordinary people) .
He wanted to go unnoticed, to be one of the crowd .
crowd 2
crowd2 v
[: Old English; Origin: crudan 'to press close']
1.) [I always + adverb/preposition]
if people crowd somewhere, they gather together in large numbers, filling a particular place
crowd into
Hundreds of people crowded into the church for the funeral.
crowd round/around
We all crowded round the table.
be crowded together
the rapid spread of infection in areas where people are crowded together
2.) [T]
if people or things crowd a place, there are a lot of them there
Holiday-makers crowded the beaches.
Range after range of mountains crowd the horizon.
3.) [T]
if thoughts or ideas crowd your mind or memory, they fill it, not allowing you to think of anything else
Strange thoughts and worries were crowding his mind.
4.) [T]
a) to make someone angry by moving too close to them
Stop crowding me - there's plenty of room.
b) especially AmE to make someone angry or upset by making too many unfair demands on them
crowd in phr v
if problems or thoughts crowd in on you, you cannot stop thinking about them
crowd in on
She shut her mind against the fears that were crowding in on her.
crowd out [crowd sb/sth<=>out] phr v
to force someone or something out of a place or situation
Supermarket chains have crowded out the smaller shops.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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